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Ramudden is an international company heaquartered in Gävle, Sweden. Through adapted solutions Ramudden creates safe workplaces at building sites, on streets, roads and railways. With care, knowledge and professionalism the company helps municipalities, authorities, entrepreneurs and building companies design, equip and man safety arrangements that meet all demands. Ramudden supplies equipment when and where it is needed, carries out services on-site and trains customers’ staff.

Sustainability is integrated in Ramudden’s operations and the group presents and follows up work in the area in a yearly report. As sub-consultant for communications agency Narva and in collaboration with the branding and design agency Bold, Björn Raunio Information helped producing the copy for the sustainability report for 2020. The work was done in close cooperation with the customer and Narva’s project manager. The copy texts were produced on the basis of a series of interviews with managers, employees and customers.