About Björn Raunio Information

I, Björn Raunio, am a consultant with extensive experience within the content and information business. Since 2001, I work under my own management with both PR, IR, external market communication, internal communication and pure marketing.

I can help your business with producing content texts, articles, reference cases, press releases, texts for annual and sustainability reports, copy and web content.

I can also take on the role of project manager/editor in the production of magazines, newsletters, web sites, annual and sustainability reports, brochures et cetera. I have also done stints as an in-house consultant for several companies, in various roles within internal communications, market communications and web.

For a couple of years I worked as a writer in Canada and can produce both articles and copy in English. Furthermore, I translate texts from both English and French.

On top of my personal competence, I have a network of other writers, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers helping me when necessary. I also have well-established contacts with various agencies and printing companies. If you like, I can take full responsibility for different types of communications projects from idea to final delivery.

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